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Complementary Therapies

Jill Sampson offers a range of professional treatments - Aromatherapy, Reiki, Indian Head Massage and Spiritual Aromatherapy - in a relaxed, caring environment. 

Each treatment is tailored to the specific physical, emotional and spiritual needs of the individual, therefore offering holistic therapies


Jill in her therapy room


Today, many people lead busy, stressful lives; this stress often manifests itself in the body as disease. The word disease, when broken down, is 'dis ease', therefore if people are not 'at ease' with themselves, physical symptoms will often appear. 


Regular treatment of any of the therapies listed can help to alleviate stress and emotional problems. The body, therefore, begins to heal itself and harmony and peace to the individual is restored. Physical symptoms will then often disappear. 

Specialising in the treatment of stress related conditions, including anxiety and depression, Jill also has a keen interest in working spiritually. 


Before any treatment is given, a full medical consultation is carried out (with the exception of Reiki). This enables a full picture of each individual's needs to be established. After treatment, home advice is given, so that each client is able to help themselves between sessions. 


As well as treating clients, Jill is in demand for Workshops, Training Courses and prepares her own Aromatherapy Products


Jill Sampson has been involved in Complementary Therapy since qualifying as an Aromatherapist (I.F.P.A. ) from the prestigious Beaumont College. She is qualified in Anatomy, Physiology and Body Massage and Indian Head Massage. Jill is also a Reiki Master Practitioner. 




Aromatherapy is the use of Essential Oils to promote a person's emotional, physical and spiritual equilibrium. 


Essential oils are extracted from citrus fruits, flowers and plants. After a full medical consultation, three oils are chosen which are then blended with a carrier oil. 


The oils are massaged into the skin and filter into the blood stream and lymphatic system. They therefore work from within the body to alleviate a variety of physical and emotional conditions. 



The Aura is a protective energy field that surrounds the body. It consists of many layers and colours. 


The word Chakra is derived from Sanskrit and means wheel or circle. There are seven major Chakras (wheels of energy) which penetrate the Aura and physical body. 


The Aura and Chakras can be depleted by emotional trauma or physical disease. 


At the client's request, Aura and Chakra balancing is carried out during an Aromatherapy treatment. 



'Rei' means universal, 'Ki' means life force or energy. 


Therefore, Reiki means Universal Life Energy, which is the force that gives life to all living things and which can be activated for the
purpose of healing. 


Treatment consists of the therapist placing her hands on the Chakra points of the body, therefore acting as a catalyst for the client to begin healing themselves. 



Head massage was originally used by the whole family in India as part of daily life. It was also used by barbers who, after having cut the hair, would offer the client ‘champi’ as part of the treatment. 


The word shampoo comes from the Hindi word ‘champi’, which means to have your head massaged. 


Treatment includes work on the upper back, neck, shoulders, upper arms, face and scalp. These areas are important energy centres of the body where tension tends to accumulate. 


Indian Head Massage has many benefits, including:


  • Pain relief in the muscles of the face, scalp, neck, upper back and shoulders 
  • Relief from tension headaches, migraine, nasal congestion, eye strain and jaw ache
  • Alleviation of stress, anxiety, mild depression and lethargy
  • Improved hair, scalp and skin condition
  • A sense of general well-being and relaxation 

Crystal and colour therapy is also carried out during an Indian Head Massage treatment. 



ESSENTIAL OILS, GIFTS AND PRODUCTSA range of Aromatherapy products are available to purchase. 
These consist of foam bath, shower gel, massage oil, body lotion, and shampoo, available in the following blends: muscle, relaxation and sleep. Shampoo is available for both normal and oily hair. 


Individual blends are also available which offer personalised and unique products. 


Pure Essential Oils can be ordered and come complete with detailed instructions of uses and benefits. 


Gift vouchers are available to purchase and make excellent presents for family and friends. 




Each initial consultation costs £45, with the exception of Reiki, which is £40; each treatment thereafter costs £40. Spiritual Aromatherapy costs an additional £5.


Cancellation fee


Please note that appointments broken without cancellation deprive another client of treatment. Therefore, please give at least 24 hours advance notice if you can not attend, otherwise a cancellation fee of £40 applies.

Please be on time for appointments otherwise this has a knock on effect for other clients, thank you.


If you wish to contact Jill please telephone 01970 625874, or email info@evasretreat.co.uk



Talks and treatment demonstrations for clubs, associations and companies can be arranged, the content of which includes:


  • A history of therapies
  • Benefits of treatments
  • Pure essential oils
  • Treatment demonstration


Also available:


  • Aromatherapy products
  • Gift vouchers
  • Pure essential oils 
  • 10% discount for treatments booked on the day


A fee is chargeable.