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Sandra Private Readings June 2024

Having never had a Private Reading before, after the passing of my Father to whom I was very close, I thought I'd give it a go. Prior to him passing we had discussed this, so I was quite excited to be going. On the ten-minute drive down, emotions were running high, but on arrival at Eva's Retreat, such beautiful surroundings, I felt calm.


Jill gave me a lovely welcome and put me at ease, straight away she proceeded to ask me to not to tell her anything at all about myself or who I was hoping to hear from.


With that, and even before I sat down she said it was a man I had come to hear from because she had a man here who has told me before you arrived that you would be late (which I was) and that I am always late (I am). Jill stated that it was my dad. After this and more specific evidence from Jill I knew it was my dad and I listened for an hour and a half and I cried a lot!


I now have had several Readings with Jill over the past 6 years and each time things have been spoken about which Jill could not have possibly known.


The Readings have given me proof of my Fathers survival and given me much comfort and hope. I recommend Jill wholeheartedly.

Meditation and Mediumship Workshop February 2024.

'The workshop I attended with Jill was interesting and insightful. She has a warm presence and many different tools to help you to access deeper parts of yourself and tune in to your own unique light and connection to spirit'.


Thank you, and blessings on your future workshops and endeavours.


All the best,




The Workshop on Meditation and Mediumship with Jill was relaxing and enjoyable. Eva's Retreat has beautiful and peaceful surroundings..

Love Sian x

Claire February 2022

I had First Degree Usui Reiki on the weekend of the 26th and 27th Feb 2022. My experience doing the course was wonderful and opened up my eyes to a whole new way of healing and experience the energy flow flowing through me and feeling great relaxation. Jill is a wonderful teacher and explains every detail of what is going to happen next. Jill has a lovely calm home which made for a very lovely experience.



Keiron February 2022

From the moment I arrived I was welcomed and felt relaxed. Beautiful surroundings and a well set up learning environment that's relaxing and has high vibrations. The study is well set out, good explanations, easy to follow practical demonstration and well guided when performing one's own practical exercise. The time seems to fly by and all in all it's a really nice experience. Doesn't feel like a weekend of learning. Looking forward to Reiki share and later, Second Degree Reiki



Lauren August 2020.

I had a Private Reading with Jill last August during a lovely holiday with my fiance at Evas Retreat. This was my first ever Reading but Jill's calming and welcoming personality along with the peaceful atmosphere put me at ease straight away. The Reading was very emotional as Jill picked up on the presence of my dad and tears were shed by us both. The Reading provided me with great comfort at knowing my Dad is always with me and I still think about a lot of the things that Jill spoke about in my Reading. I would definitely recommend a Private Reading with Jill and there is no doubt we will be visiting Eva's Retreat again in the future.



JES 2020

I had changes going on in my life so I decided to have a Tarot Reading with Jill Sampson. Jill was easy to talk to and I felt relaxed as she presented the Reading. Jill explained everything in a positive way and in and in detail, she was able to guide and empower me to make the best choices for my future. I feel Jill cares very much about the difference she is able to make in your life, I was able to question myself and reflect on what direction my life is taking me, I was able to make choices from the Reading that gave me the confidence to make changes for a more positive future.



Claire 2019/2020

I would like to say a big thank you, to Jill and Andy for welcoming me to their wonderful Spiritual Retreat Workshop, learning all in the in's and out's about Mediumship. The most amazing part was when Jill sat in
Trance, and we heard from her amazing Spirit Guides, who gave us great insight to the Divine world.


Thank you very much regards Claire

Private Reading with Jill (February 2019)

I was quite nervous during the journey to Eva’s Retreat but on arrival I just felt instantly at ease. There is a lovely peace garden with wind chimes which really do sound amazing.

I was then welcomed by this lovely lady. Jill is such a welcoming lady and relaxes you instantly.

My reading I had was very true to me and answered lots of questions. If you are interested in having a reading then I would recommend Eva’s Retreat and Jill is very good at what she does.

I would definitely return, Thankyou Jill x


Workshop with Jill (March 2019)

A wonderful enriching experience, with lovely harmonious surroundings and amazing caring people. After the loss of our son, I don’t have the words to describe how much Jill and Andy have helped us, and continue to do so. I have never experienced such love and caring before and am so grateful to have Jill and Andy in our lives. Thank you with all my heart. Love you both to bits xxxx


Visitors to Eva's Retreat (March 2019)

Such a beautiful and peaceful setting. Jill and Andy are fantastic people with a warm and loving welcome. I can't wait to visit again and if I had to I would walk the 150 miles just to be with Jill and Andy in their fantastic and loving Eva's Retreat. A TRUE 5 STAR EXPERIENCE.


First Degree Reiki Training Course with Jill Sampson (Saturday 28th - Sunday 29th October 2017)

Thank you very much for a lovely weekend. I really enjoyed learning in a tranquil environment.  Thank you also for getting me up to chant, something I thought I’d never do!
I also appreciate your relaxed teaching style. Nothing felt rushed and there was no pressure. Thank you again.


I didn’t have a clue what to expect this weekend, which was good.  It was wonderful.  I thoroughly enjoyed it and am so glad I decided to go ahead and do Reiki 1.  The timing was perfect. The space is wonderful and calming with no other distractions. Jill is extremely enthusiastic and brings across the joy and her love of Reiki. Being just the two of us, personally I’m glad there were no more. I’m used to doing courses recently in massage with generally 4 to 10 people. The smaller groups are more personal and you feel you are given more time to be in the space.

This weekend has involved some amazing experiences.  Extremely glad we did the chanting, I found that very emotional and powerful.

Each of the Reiki Attunements were different and individual experiences.  The sending of healing at the end was yet again different totally each time.  Surprised with the last person who came up.

Helen Watkins

Private Spiritual Reading with Jill Sampson

I had the pleasure to have a reading done by Jill Sampson who runs Eva’s Retreat just outside of Aberystwyth in October this year. I have not had a reading done for a couple of years and was understandably nervous and a little apprehensive as well, but also excited. Jill put me at ease straight away and I felt the peace and love of her tranquil home working on my fears. The hopes I had of hearing from someone very special where at the forefront of my mind and Jill with her calm grace brought that one person through amongst others.

The Reading turned out to be a very emotional one and there was laughter and happy tears. I would recommend a Reading with Jill without hesitation, she was both professional and kind, caring and thoughtful and her insights left me feeling happy, if somewhat emotionally drained but in a good way if that makes sense.

Thank you, Jill.


Testimonial Dorothy Young Events and Eva’s Retreat, November 2017

Thank you, Jill Sampson for inviting me to facilitate at Eva's Retreat.  I so enjoyed my time with you all.  The scenery is stunning with a great sense of peace and you Jill and Andy are creating a place to connect to Spirit within this peace and with such love.  You are providing learning to develop one's Spiritual gifts in harmony with nature close at hand.  I trust that many will have this very special experience in love, peace and joy.  Eva's Retreat is truly an amazing, special place.

Blessings and love Dorothy
Dorothy Young CSNU

Let me begin by saying I can only really reiterate what I wrote in my previous testimonial in 2016.  I have a deep respect for Jill and Andy's endeavours.  The two of them continue to work tirelessly for the greater good.  Their intentions are of the highest.  Jill and Andy are most humble, remaining steadfast and unwavering in their loyalty to Spirit.  They invest many hours to their mission of raising the standards of spiritual practice. 

All work is carried out in love with the utmost respect, and Jill and Andy greatly encourage their students and visitors to uphold these values and principles too.

The relocation of Eva's Retreat was a massive undertaking but they pressed on.  They persevered.  They are happy and they are now reaping the harvest of their efforts in earnest whilst living in Wonderful Wales.  It is very well deserved!!! 

Since Eva's Retreat relocated to Wales from Dorset, in February 2017, have been blessed to visit multiple times and I will continue visiting a few times per year!  Eva's Retreat is a slice of paradise to me, nestled in the idyllic Welsh countryside, with breathtaking views.  It includes ample land to enjoy, a peace garden to enable time for quiet reflection out in nature and of course the amazing views from the top of the hill.  Nothing beats it!  

I attended a weekend at Eva's Retreat in November with Spiritualist Medium Dorothy Young.  I have known Dorothy for a number of years now and I count her as an incredibly dear friend as well as her being one of my tutors and mentors.  She inspires me greatly. Dorothy has great enthusiasm and flair.  She approaches her work and her union with Spirit with infectious excitement.  She oozes with joy, compassion and sensitivity.

Dorothy like Jill and Andy, is very tactful and respectful.  She sees her work as precious and sacred.  The way she delivers spiritual talks and addresses, as well as the way she facilitates that communion between us and our loved ones who have passed to Spirit reflects this.

Dorothy brings a great sense of humour and fun to her work as well, whilst at all times remaining mindful of the great responsibility and duty she holds to Spirit and to the people who come to her talks, demonstrations or workshops. 

Dorothy puts people at ease immediately.  She is mindful that the people who approach her or who come to her events or services may be looking for further enlightenment, further discussion, further encouragement, further understanding, further hope, further reassurance and further comfort.  Thus, she conducts herself accordingly and is always led by Spirit.

Dorothy is very nurturing and loving.   She meets people where they are and helps everyone on their own journey of unfoldment, progression and healing.  She is patient, a good listener and never judges.

The weekend was very intimate, touching and powerful.  Thoroughly enjoyed it I loved working with you all!  Thank you!



I can't recommend Eva's Retreat highly enough, it is a wonderful space to in which to experience spiritual growth.  Jill and Andy are amazing hosts and gentle and sensitive facilitators.  I have just returned from a weekend seminar entitled 'Mastery of Natural Mediumship' with Dorothy Young and the impact on me has been life changing. I want to say thank you and that I am profoundly grateful.

Thanks, Kate

Medium John Taylor (August Events 2017)

Well, I'm coming down after a wonderful weekend at Eva's Retreat, met so many wonderful people who came from all over the place. But Spirit never let me down as the evening of Mediumship went on for a long time and the Private Readings with myself and the Workshop by Jill on the Saturday were all amazing. Some places leave an indelible mark on your mind, this was one such weekend, amazing place, amazing people.


Pleased to be the first Medium to work there, now they have relocated from Dorset to Wales and just want to thank Jill Sampson and her husband Andy for all the hard work they put in place making sure the weekend went smoothly. If you ever need a break, a weekend away from reality, then I cannot recommend this place highly enough.

Their next Mediumship weekend is with the lovely Shaun Gray DSNU in October.


Well worth a visit if you want to get away. A busy and joyous weekend so please check out their website or look them up on Facebook – you won't be disappointed.

Relax in the Peace Garden, walk up the hill to see the sea and sunset – all there to be done.


Working in the love and true power of Spirit is what they are all about, so what more can I say?


Great memories made with beautiful souls xx

group of people

I want to say a big thank you to Jill and Andy for an amazing time last weekend at Eva's Retreat.  It was a wonderful experience watching John work with Spirit, Jill sharing her knowledge and love of Spirit, meditating, chanting (vibration raised beautifully by Andy!) and healing with lovely like-minded people.  An added bonus was spending time with Bill (Jill's Dad): wonderful man.  My son and I feel privileged, grateful and blessed to have been able to attend Eva's Retreat's first event. 

Thank you, Jill and Andy!  Highly recommend going to one of their events – you won't be disappointed. 


Ros and Dio xx


We totally agree with people's previous comments and it was fun, too.  Everyone was so friendly.  Thank you, guys, for making us feel so welcome.  It was our first experience, we kept an open mind but were amazed at the healing we experienced with you all after a recent tragedy.  Thank you so much – just what we needed xxx 


Chris and John


Thank you very much Jill for your inspiring day with Spirit.  Your positive love shone through and I took it away with me.  It was a lovely day and I enjoyed meeting the other guests. 

See you soon, love Gill xxx

3 friends

Just back after we all had a fantastic Spiritual weekend upon the beautiful peaceful grounds of Eva's Retreat. Thank you, Jill Sampson, for the warm welcome given to us all on arrival.  Such a wonderful time was had by us all – it truly is such a beautiful peaceful Retreat, such a beautiful fitting tribute to your mother, Eva. Surrounded within the open fields of nature, pure tranquility.  It's left us feeling so blessed to have witnessed all its surrounding beauty. 

The Memory/Healing Tree situated within the Peace Garden within the grounds of Eva's Retreat, we all hung our friends and loved one's names past and present, we added their names with healing prayers and loving memories. Much love to you all till we meet again. 

Janice xx

Hi Jill, I really enjoyed my time at the Retreat. It's very beautiful and relaxing, the energy was great and the connection with Spirit was brilliant.

Susan xx


We really enjoyed your event.  It was so nice to meet a group of like-minded people with an interest in matters Spiritual. The demonstration of Mediumship was very impressive. Neither Angela or myself had seen your Medium John Taylor before and we thought the quality of his evidence was first class. We also appreciated the buffet supper. There's something about being in contact with Spirit that makes you hungry!

Thank you very much for details of your programme for October. Unfortunately, we won't be able to join you on this occasion, but please keep us posted about your future events as we would like to visit your Retreat again if we can.

All the Best, Angela and David


Jill, you have the most wonderful location. Julie and I were so pleased to visit you and Andy at Eva's Retreat.  It was worth every second of the journey from Hampshire to experience such a magical, spiritual and relaxing place.  If I had to walk there I would without a second thought. We can't wait to come and see you again. Words can't describe the feeling of love and peace at Eva's Retreat and it was great to meet your Dad, Bill – he is so happy there with you.  I am sure that Spirit guided you to this fantastic place. Love, peace and happiness until we see you again (soon). XXXXXX

Allan and Julie

Testimonial for Eva's Retreat: John Taylor Spiritual Supper 2016

Good Moaning Jill and Andy....or is it "Betty and Frank"??


Just sending you both our appreciation for a great evening together and for the lovely energy we were all able to "bathe" within whilst John demonstrated his wonderful gift of mediumship. He, like you both, is a credit to our way of life and a joy to experience on rare occasions.


We know you will continue to be a shining example. We feel certain you will achieve your dreams and continue to be a shining example in Wales of spiritualism and all it encompasses... but most importantly in sharing your great LOVE for the Human Family, Animal Kingdom and the Natural World that supports us all.


Thank you again and we hope we will all meet up in the near future in Wales.


God Bless

Irene and David xx

Testimonial for Eva's Retreat, 2016

Eva's Retreat has a wonderful, relaxed, positive energy, conducive to nurturing not only spiritual development but also personal development. Group sizes are small typically with no more than 6 – 12 people. This I feel is brilliant as the group is large enough to enable the blending of the different energies within the group, as well as giving you the opportunity to learn from each other.


By the same token, in my opinion, Jill keeping the group sizes typically no more than 6 to 12 people means that she is really able to give each student the individual encouragement, support and mentorship they require whilst they remain as part of a small group.


Jill has this amazing ability to meet students wherever they are at. Her teaching methods are gentle and she is accepting everybody for the unique spirit they are. Jill is never patronizing, harsh or authoritarian in her teaching methods, she is nurturing of the whole person and spirit, gently and tactfully encouraging and coaxing students so that they progress at their own pace and become advocates for Spirit.


Jill sees herself as equal to her students, she walks alongside them. Jill delights in learning from Spirit and also she feels that she learns from her students themselves too.


Jill and her husband Andy see the beauty and potential in everyone, giving each student the confidence to see their own beauty and potential. Jill and Andy then encourage each student to harness that potential and beauty, building upon it striving forward to an ever greater standard for Spirit.


Jill is steadfastly dedicated to all her students, all she asks for in return is that one shows willingness, commitment and respect for Spirit.  


As one of her students, I feel that Jill draws out the very best in her students and people in general.


Evening events, activities, workshops and circles run by Jill, and by other people such as Shaun Gray who she invites to teach in her home Centre are exceptional. They are varied and stimulating. They are also a chance to socialise and mix with like-minded people.


I always leave Eva’s Retreat having learnt something, or I leave feeling as if I have progressed further along my path of spiritual unfoldment and enlightenment and also I leave feeling as if I have progressed further along my path to happiness, healing and wholeness.


Jill and Andy strive to do the very best by Spirit and by the people they come into contact with. They are more concerned with quality rather than quantity, having the utmost respect, love and appreciation for Spirit and those here on the earth plane. They are genuine, and they have humility and compassion coupled with a sense of fun and good humour.


Thanks to Jill and Andy and their belief in me, hence my growing belief in myself, I look forward to a lifelong interest and passion in the field of Spiritualism. With the continued and constant support and nurturing that Jill and Andy give me, I look forward to deepening and developing my relationship with Spirit and strengthening my connection with Spirit, so that I can be of service to Spirit whenever they may ask me to be.


Eva's Retreat is oozing with the love and presence of Spirit. Once you arrive, you will want to return again and again!'



Testimonial for Jill Sampson, 2016

Jill Sampson is a credit to her mother Eva, she runs her events in her namesake at Eva’s Retreat. Jill is passionate about connection with spirit she works with such an open heart, and truly serves not only spirit but the individuals who come to connect. Jill works alongside her husband Andy who gives such lovely and meaningful philosophy from spirit. His down to earth approach makes the philosophy very accessible to the everyday. I have been lucky enough to sit in circle with Jill where I have learnt to trust and have confidence in my ability and I have very much enjoyed her evening events, all of which have been appropriate to my learning and discovery about spirit. I recently attended Shaun Gray’s one day course at Eva’s Retreat and felt my Mediumship and spirit take huge strides under his excellent tutelage. I highly recommend Eva’s Retreat for strengthening and enlightening your connection to spirit.



Testimonial for Shaun Gray, 2016

Shaun gave a very evidential message to me on the evening of Mediumship which was prior to a weekend Workshop with him.


I had heard about Shaun but it was the first time of seeing him work. 
I had not been to Eva's Retreat before either.  Myself and hubby had a good evening in a pleasant personal environment, which Jill made sure was not overcrowded.


All this and then the weekend with Shaun's Workshop, who was a great tutor.


It was all very well organised and again just the right amount of pupils so that we could work with different people on each exercise. 


I would certainly recommend Eva's Retreat for future events organised by Jill and Andy. Thank you all for a great experience.



Testimonial for Shaun Gray, 2016

I was looking forward to attending Shaun's evening of Mediumship & I wasn't disappointed. A great evening. I also attended the workshop the following day. We were all pushed out of our comfort zones, which is why I personally go to workshops in the first place. A great teacher & a lovely atmosphere. Thank you Jill, Andy & Shaun. I look forward to next year when you have Shaun again.


Vickie Xx


Feedback from Shaun Gray

Well done to all the students on Saturday, it was wonderful to spend the spiritual time with you all.  I wish you all the best of blessings for all your future development.  And a big thank you to Jill and Andy, as always you made me feel very welcome and it's a truly beautiful energy that has been created at your centre..... a true pleasure in demonstrating and teaching there.


Well done guys xxxx

Testimonials for Jill Sampson, 2015

Dear Jill and Andy, many thanks for a very interesting and informative two days, I learnt quite a lot. May I also thank you both for your hospitality.


Love Pam. x.

Testimonials for the Spiritual Supper,
11th October 2014

Hi Jill and Andy Sending you both our most sincere thanks for a very enjoyable evening with you and David. It was such a pleasant change to be part of the attending guests for the evening. David's demonstration was a joy to experience because of his sincerity and respect for his Mediumship and those who work with him from Spirit – something that is unfortunately becoming more and more rare. AND we must of course mention the wonderful buffet you both worked so hard to produce for us. A wonderful evening which we hope we may be able to repeat in the not too distant future.


Sincere best wishes. Irene and David


Dear Jill and Andy, Thank you for last night's event with David Powell. It was most enjoyable and David is certainly a very good medium. love and happy laughter.





Testimonials for the Spiritual Supper,
23rd November 2013

Many thanks for the kind invitation and very warm welcome to Eva's Retreat.  It was a pleasure to work there with my Mediumship in a very homely, warm and spiritual atmosphere & in good company of like-minded and lovely folk.  I wish you and Andy continuing success with Eva's Retreat in all that you may do to help those exploring life in a greater and fuller realisation of the Truth, Light and Love of the Divine.


David Powell (Medium)


Hi Jill and Andy just to say thank you for a great night with David Powell and his Mediumship. It was a really nice evening with very nice people and I was sorry when it had to come to an end. I look forward to joining you again soon, regards Brian.




Dear Jill and Andy, thank you for inviting Ellie and myself to your Spiritual Supper on Sat 23rd November. Ellie said that she really enjoyed it and so did I. We thought that David was a very sincere person and Medium, working with Spirit as one should, and with respect. Also, your hospitality and buffet were excellent. Thank you once again.






Testimonial for the Simply Mediumship Workshop with Jill Sampson, 30th November 2013


A MASSIVE Thank you Jill for an excellent insightful day. I found your approach to Mediumship so breathtaking & loved your modern & quirky approach on this subject. The whole day was full of fun & wonderment that left me with a stronger motivation in my development with the Spirit . Thanks again for the push I needed.  P.S I'm still gonna keep my eyes closed when practising platform work. XXX







2012 Testimonials Archive


Testimonial for Molly Clay's Trance Workshop Sat 3rd March 2012

I just wanted to send you a quick email to say a massive Thank you for yesterday :)


I had such a lovely day and came away feeling amazing after spending the day in such wonderful energy.


You and Andy are very special people and I think what you are doing is brilliant.


I am really looking forward to spending time with you again in the future, so please keep in touch and let me know of any events you have coming up and I will certainly be spreading the word about Eva's Retreat.


Blessings, Leanne




Testimonial for Eva's Retreat

Congratulations to you Jill for founding Eva's Retreat! I so enjoyed teaching there recently as I felt the place was not only clean, spacious and airy, but more importantly had a beautiful atmosphere of love and harmony. This cannot be bought, only created: so well done you!

I look forward to working there again and thoroughly recommend it to both students and teachers.

Molly Clay



Testimonial for Molly Clay's Trance Workshop Sat 3rd March 2012

Dear Jill, just a quick word of thanks to you for a most enjoyable workshop at Eva's Retreat. It was a really nice group and it helped me a lot towards my enlightenment and a big step along my spiritual pathway. Also, may I say how peaceful I found Eva's Retreat to work in. Thanks to you both - love and light to you.



Testimonial for Trance Workshop with Molly Clay Sat 3rd March 2012

I went to the Trance Workshop at Eva's Retreat with Molly Clay on Saturday 3rd March. I thoroughly enjoyed the day exploring altered states of consciousness. The day was very well prepared, balanced and structured to be suitable for all who attended. I know that Jill and Andy have only recently opened up Eva's Retreat but they made everybody feel welcome and had obviously given a lot of thought into the organisation.


The facilities were all in place so I was able to give my full attention to Molly. Thoroughly recommended and will definitely go again.





Testimonial for Jill Sampson's Workshop Sat 17th March 2012

Hi Jill I just wanted to say a heartfelt thank you for a truly wonderful day yesterday. It was so lovely to spend time with genuine, caring people. I feel as if I have revisited, revalued and rejuvinated my love of working with spirit. And I thank you for that.


We learnt and shared so much, you have a great gift not only with teaching but just 'being' with people. I and I'm quite sure I speak for us all, felt totally at ease and such a welcoming atmosphere at Eva's Retreat. Even though I feel a little embarassed still about my upsurge of emotion, you were so lovely and understanding it makes me feel less of a twit. It has also helped me realise that there are some loving genuine spirit workers out there :-)


You and Andy have a wonderful place of light and together you made the day a pleasure to be part of. THANK YOU!!


With very best wishes Heather x



Thank you both for a truly inspirational workshop. I thoroughly enjoyed the day and the opportunity to progress my spiritual development with like-minded friends. Eva's Retreat offered a perfect learning environment with excellent tuition from yourself.  I would highly recommend that inspiring mediums wanting to develop further, attend your workshops. I am already looking forward to the next one.


Testimonial for Jill Sampson's Workshop Sat 12th May 2012

Eva's Retreat is truly an environment of love and giving. Jill, along with her husband Andy have the ability to teach, encourage, inspire and support you. Whether you are new to the world of spirit or not, I would thoroughly recommend you pay a visit and attend one of the workshops. I cannot believe how much I have learnt in a relatively short space of time. Jill is compassionate, understanding and has that ability to put you at ease and enable you to find your truth. Andy has such gentle energy that supports and encourages you.


Eva's Retreat really is the way forward, for truth and respect. Through Jill and Andy people will learn about love, about life and about the wonderful communion with spirit.





Dear Jill and Andy,


I had such a special day at Eva's Place and I brought away so much more than I could have hoped for. The messages I received were so poignant and timely that I felt my faith was re-energized just when I needed it to be. You both are such lovely giving people and it was clear that care had gone into the mix of visitors you invited into Eva's Retreat - this was important to me as I felt I was with like minded people with whom I could be myself. I learned a lot throughout the day and I feel privileged to have been a part of everyone else's journey too. All of that plus I made some lovely new friends!


Thank you so much. Kate xx

Testimonial for Jill Sampson's Workshop First Degree Reiki 23rd/24th June 2012

I had the great pleasure of another weekend at Eva's Retreat, to undertake Reiki One. What a wonderful experience. Although I've completed this a number of years ago, I felt it right to do again and hopefully continue this time. I'm so pleased I did, Jill as always teaches with such knowledge and depth of understanding, I have learnt so much more. A weekend with like minded people, great teacher, lovely energy and such a relaxed environment - fantastic! (I have mobility problems, however Eva's Retreat is perfect for getting around and Jill, along with husband Andy made me feel comfortable and totally at ease.)

Many Thanks! Heather

Testimonial for Spirit Animal Guide workshop 27th October 2012

Hello Jill and Andy, Just to say a huge thanks for organising such a wonderful workshop, I learnt a lot about myself and my Power Animals. As always lovely to be working with you in your lovely home, for those who could not make it, you really missed a special day with a lovely teacher. Shirley, thank you too. Keep up the good work, look forward to attending more next year, love and blessings.


Wendy x