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A place of joy, a place of peace, a place of love.
Bringing A Breath of Life into Spirituality, Humanity and Mother Nature
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If you are a Teacher or Facilitator of Spirituality, Life Skills, Bushcraft, Foraging, Permaculture etc please contact me to discuss holding an Event here at Eva’s Retreat.


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Spiritual Retreat Weekend with Medium Jill Sampson













July 27th and 28th 2024Spiritual Retreat - 10.30am - 5.30pm both days.

Evening events 7pm till 10pm on Saturday 27th

Cost: £100 per person includes refreshments and Music in the evening with "Drift" and Ecstatic Dancing with Indigo. Please bring your own Lunch and Food to cook in the evening on the Firepit or Camping Stove (please bring your own Stove).


Tickets available for Saturday evening only for Music by Drift and Indigo’s Ecstatic Dancing at £10 per person if you are not able to attend the Retreat weekend. Arrival time 7pm. Places must be booked in advance.

A wonderful opportunity to focus on your own Spiritual Unfoldment and to destress from the everyday pressures of modern life. Within the Peaceful land, breathe in the fresh air of West Wales and regain peace and tranquillity within your life.

Jill will lead the Weekend inspired by Spirit of your needs and requirements. This will involve Meditations, Attunements to Spirit, Spiritual and Psychic exercises, Inspirational Writing, Philosophy, Music and Drumming and Chanting to help you to unfold and strengthen your connection to the Spiritual Realms


The whole Weekend will be tailored around your own Spiritual requirements and Jill will personally mentor you on your Spiritual Journey of Unfoldment.


There are also opportunities to connect with Spirit within Nature in the beautiful Peace Garden and to meet the Donkeys, Ducks and Doves. Weather permitting.


The days will finish at 5.30pm when there will then be live Music from 7pm with "Drift" and Ecstatic Dancing with Indigo, Food cooked on the Firepit and Sunset Watching from the top of the hill. Saturday evening only.


You may Camp in the Field, this is to be booked directly with Eva's Retreat, cost is £10 per person per night from Friday 26th July, arrival from 3pm to 6pm. Depart Monday 29th July by 10am.


You will enjoy the sunset (weather permitting) from the top of the hill and sit around the Firepit enjoying the Music with Drift (please bring musical instruments if you have them for a jamming session after Drift) Ecstatic Dancing with Indigo and Good Company. Please bring your own food to cook on the Firepit or a small Camping Stove. Please bring whatever you wish to drink.


Drift is the stage name of the Wales based singer songwriter Matthew Douglas, his debut EP Ailsa was released in spring 2023 and has been described as "sensitive, soulful, ambient and heartfelt"







Indigo is a Conscious DJ, weekly Ecstatic Dance and workshop facilitator. Did a dance degree and danced at 5R & ED most weeks for 25 years, carrying this JOY to conscious dancers everywhere! Playing at In 2 the Wild, Westival, Unearthed, Kundalini Klubbing, Buddhafield and Rumble Festivals + 30 years a DJ at clubs and raves. Expect Big Basslines, Tribal & World Rhythms, Ecstatic Blissfull Melodies, for a deep healing, inner journey.


Come to Indigo's Ecstatic Dance and move together! We dance to global happy melodies and funky rhythms! Consciously connecting as one joy filled mass of dancers, celebrating how amazing we really are! Simply dancing ecstatically, wild and free!

There we be gently, encouraging facilitation. Starting off warming up, moving and pacing ourselves through the wave of music. Our heart's and mind's following our feet, we go up like a rocket with truly ecstatic music!

Then, gradually winding back down, and finally, we come together into a circle for a moment to close.





For any more information or questions, please do not hesitate to ask by phone or email.

I look forward to welcoming you to Eva's Retreat where I know that you will embrace this wonderful opportunity to exist within Nature in freedom, joy, peace and love.




The Mainline Train Station is 4 miles away with Taxi Service Available.


Booking deadline 22nd July.


To book a place please email info@evasretreat.co.uk


"Students are able to book Sleep Beneath the Stars: Wild Camping with a Twist" or "1 Space for Campervan with Electric Hook up".

See Accommodation page for info only




Private Readings are available with Jill by appointment. PRIVATE SPIRITUAL READINGS WITH JILL SAMPSON

Having lost her Mum (Eva) unexpectedly, Jill knows how it feels to lose someone you love.

Through her engagement with Spirit and the development of her Mediumship within Circles and on Platform over the years, Jill has come to know that life continues beyond physical death. She is aware of this not just from the evidence and memories brought forward by those in Spirit but also by feeling their presence and their love.

During a Reading, Jill will endeavour to join together loved ones in Spirit with loved ones who remain. 

Working with love, respect and humility, Jill is very sensitive to the pain of grief and loss and seeks to connect with Spirit to bring messages of love, comfort and hope to those in need.  This should help to both comfort them in their loss and empower them to go on to live their life knowing they are loved still.

Readings will last approximately one hour and are for one person at a time. Please note that these Spiritual Readings do not involve predictions or tell you what is going to happen in your future.

Cost: £40.


For more information, please call Jill on 01970 625874.

Spritual retreat


Spiritual Development Circle: Tuesday Evenings at Eva's Retreat 7.00pm until 8.30pm.

The Circle is for people wishing to explore their own Spirituality with like minded people. Jill opens the Circle in Prayer, followed by a Meditation/Attunement this is followed by a Reading and various different exercises to strengthen and develop your Psychic and Mediumistic Awareness. The Circle closes in Prayer followed by questions that Jill will endeavour to answer with the knowledge of her experience so far.


Please email Jill with your request to join with a brief explanation of your Spiritual background and reason for wishing to join. 


Cost £5 per person.


The Magic of Mediumship Workshop with Jill SampsonSpiritual Retreat


Saturday October 19th


10.30am to 5.30pm


A day of discovery within Mediumship. Are you ready to step outside your comfort zone within your Mediumship? Do you wish to explore the many ways of establishing a Spirit Link? Then come along for a day full of different Meditations and Exercises to explore the potential of your Mediumship in a welcoming and supportive environment. There are no limits to your potential only those you place upon yourself!


Cost £40 per person refreshments included.


Booking Deadline 12th October.


First Degree Reiki TRAINING:


Saturday 2nd and Sunday 3rd of November 2024 10am till 5pm both days.

Reiki master

Subjects covered:

The History of Reiki

The Reiki Principles

Self Reiki

Reiki for use with family/friends and animals


Four Reiki Attunements

During the course you will practice self-healing and healing on others

Please wear loose comfortable clothes

COST: £100 payable by booking by cash or bank transfer

Students receive attunements, certification, course notes and Reiki lineage


Booking Deadline 29th October 2024. To book a place please email info@evasretreat.co.uk




"If we have no peace, it is because we have forgotten that we belong to each other."
MOTHER TERESA (1910-1997)

"Money is useful, but the love, the attention, and the care we offer to others are the most important things."
MOTHER TERESA from "A life for God"