Eva's Retreat

A place of joy, a place of peace, a place of love.
Bringing A Breath of Life into Spirituality, Humanity and Mother Nature
Evas's spiritual retreat West Wales UK


'Rei' means universal, 'Ki' means life force or energy.


Therefore, Reiki means Universal Life Energy, which is the force that gives life to all living things and which can be activated for the
purpose of healing.


Treatment consists of the therapist placing her hands on the Chakra points of the body, therefore acting as a catalyst for the client to begin healing themselves.


Reiki can be a deeply profound experience with Clients feeling rejuvenated with a feeling of deep peace and calm.


Clients lie on the Treatment Couch fully clothed and the Reiki Healing is non-invasive.

The Therapist does not have to direct the Healing anywhere, the Client pulls as much Healing energy as they need through the Therapist. Reiki healing goes to the Mind, Body and Spirit as required.


A Reiki Healing treatment lasts up to one hour.


Cost: £40


To book please email info@evasretreat.co.uk